I collected most of these comics as a child and teenager.  Some were

purchased as I got older in the hope that the value would  increase.  All of the

older comics have been read.  Some many times.  They show wear including

bent corners, and the occasional torn page.  The newer books are in almost

perfect condition.  If  you have purchased from me in the past , I will happily

email you with details about the condition of specific comics that are available.


I am not interested in "Making a deal" for the whole lot, nor do I wish to

negotiate, bargain, or barter.  If you are an aficionado of these books, than you

know what they are worth, and you are purchasing them for you own collection.  

I have no interest is selling to a dealer or reseller of any kind.  So please do not

waste my time and yours by making ridiculously low offers.  I will review and

reply to reasonable offers only.  If you are not sure what it is worth, get the

latest price guide and look it up.  


All prices are subject to market values and will be conveyed by email only.  Any

prices show in the attached pictures (original cover price or any other amount)

does not constitute an offer to sell at that price.


Action and Superman Comics

Batman Comics


Green Arrow

Justice League

Oversize Comics


The Shadow Strikes


Various individual Comics

War Comics

Worlds Finest